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fanuc 18i lathe not homed alarm 2022


Cast Iron
Oct 5, 2012
Dallas TX
I let a couple batteries die in my fanuc 2005 18i control on a Romi..

i used parameters to set the home zero positions, but i think the Y is still not on 0.. I am getting this 2022 alarm.. Been trying diff things, but cant seem to clear the alarm and get back to work..

here are a couple pics.. On the y axis i cant get param 1815 on apc and apz to both have a 0 or a 1 at the same time between them..
what can i look into.. here are a couple pics.. thank you


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What happens if you ref the Y axis? You maybe first move the y axis in the negative direction before you press the reference button. At least 1 rotation of the ballscrew away from the actual ref point.
You will need to enable parameter write in MDI. A full rotation of the encoder may be required then reestablish home position and change 1815.5 0 to 1
i am good enabling the PWE
should i use the mdi mode to try to "reference" the Y axis? it won't let me into typical mode "romi" area of the control i normally use , and the fanuc mode is a bit different .. Maybe someone could walk me through how to zero the Y axis as well as the param 1815 area shown in pic above.. I assume its something i am not doing correctly.. Also, could the Y axis be too far away from the "middle" , i dont think i moved it but maybe its off somehow from center, i did eyeball it.. its also not saying Y specifically just says Axes not homed in pic above.. could it be another axis? Thank you
In our NV5000 machines or any other of our Mori machines we have little arrow indicators that line up at the "home positions" to give us an easy reference position. I'm not sure if you have that or not. If you do then the next steps should be easy. So once you PWE in MDI ( Yes you have to be in MDI) then you can go to your customs screen: Settings< menu 10< operation panel< zero point adjust (or something similar) change to invalid and then you should be able to move your axis in handle but be careful because there are no parameters set saying the axis can go to far so just keep that in mind.