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Fanuc absolute encoder batteries.


Nov 3, 2019
Just wanted to share my today’s quest with Fanuc absolute encoder batteries and all the headache that they can cause. So I did change all the batteries on my Robodrill alpha T10A while back. It’s been unused for few months now. Today I needed to do something with it and turned it on. Six error messages: lost positions on all axes and batteries dead. How could it be, I just changed them. Opened the battery compartment and noticed that one of the batteries was installed wrong way around. Don’t ask me how on earth I managed to do that, but it seems it is possible. So lessons learned, check and double check the polarity.

Then the zero positions. X and Y were easy, run them to the limit switch, turn off power and manually push bit back, then switch #1815 to 1 for them. Z axis was pain. Didn’t find any good info that how to find the correct position. There is no reference mark so I guessed and guessed wrong. It was too low and when I did tool change the tooth did not engage and it lost position (I don’t know was the tool position lost already earlier when the batteries died?).

Tried the automatic restore, but I didn’t have the O9040 program. Tried manual restore but it gave ATC error when I pressed the tool change button. So I had no choice than look for the O9040. I found it printed on the manual, but surprise, it just spun the spindle without engaging the tooth. I found the program from another forum and found out that my manual had typo. It had: N0060 #102 =#xx.x ; when it should have been #104 instead. Got it working and I’m so relieved. Second lesson: Mark the zero positions already now. You'll be happy if ever you lose the position.

But I have a question. How do you find out the correct zero for Z (and other axis)? Do you have to remove the covers and see the limit switch?

And second question. My newer D14MiB is over meshing the tooth. Can I fix it so that zero APC column of Z parameter from #1815 and lower bit the Z axis position and record it again with 1 #1815? Or is there any parameter where the position is recorded which could be altered?