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Fanuc Oi-TC Toolsetter Parameter


Apr 1, 2024
Having an issue with one of our machines; we finally got the Q-setter working sorta but I am hoping some of you can help me. This particular machine has a removable probe and when installed it doesn't automatically take you to the correct tool offset. Say for instance you are touching off tool 7 it always defaults to wherever you left off on the offsets page, or Tool 1 I believe; and when doing that if you're not paying attention that could cause bad things to happen! On another similar machine that also has a removable probe it does work so I think it's a setting or parameter not set correctly. Hoping you guys can lead me in the right direction.
Ok after setting that parameter it went to the offset page automatically, but was on the wrong tool again. This time however, it wouldn’t let you cursor down, it was stuck on tool 1 despite us touching off tool 10