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Fanuc OT-F plus and dual spindle lathe main back program editing


Feb 18, 2021
I need little help from more expirenced FANUC dual spindle/swiss folks.

We got two chicom swiss with mentioned control. Both are setuped to do one job (tooling and program), but we dont get training. I wanted to scroll to check main program and back program (on screen there are both in two separate windows) but in edit mode I can only scroll trough main program window. Using switch S1, S1&S2, S2 doesnt change nothing.

Is there menu button for back program?

I worked on old OTT which do that by switch HEAD1, HEAD2 load each program so you can scroll and edit.

I checked universal fanuc manual for OT-F plus but it is for single spindle lathe and mill so nothing about dual spindle lathes.

Also checking folders i noticed that in path1 is main program and in path 2 is back program on one machine so I expect when I wrote programs it is best to use that solution.

Also do you need to load main and back program or contol is smart enough to look for for back program in path 2 folder? In case of old OTT you just load HEAD 1 and control will check is there same program in HEAD 2?

Because we have lot of new jobs I want to start writing new programs as soon as possible. We have online support but it is quite slow so I am trying to figure it myself.
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If someone else have similar problem there is button to switch between spindle programs in case of our machine it is 1...n