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Feedback requested in a Schaublin 160 for sale.


Cast Iron
Aug 26, 2010
I'm a long time user of my fathers lathe and I own an Abene VHF3 so I'm not shy of the more rare things but this one has me wondering if it would be a mistake. I've read that very few of these were ever made and this one is missing everything that came with it originally including change gears. Motor voltage is also a problem. I have a 10HP rotary converter at 240V for the Abene and it works great but 575V on this 2 speed motor with brake is another story. Here are the pictures and the asking price is $7500 CDN. Lastly this is the caliber of lathe I'm after, or a SAG12 for example.


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Grumble, grumble. Probably bought by Canadian taxpayers and then not treated with the respect it deserved. Grumble. Jeepers, repainted with a tar brush?

No idea if price is fair given missing bits.

on edit- on Kijjiji? What is the world coming to?
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I would say it depends on what you want to do with it. With no accessories at all, you will be limited to the basics.
I've noticed with my lurking on this site, the European stuff, particularly the Swiss and German stuff is extremely expensive to tool up. Not saying it isn't worth it, but a steady for a 150 runs something like 3500 euros. So take that into account.
I found it on kijjiji.

If it was local to me (it’s not), I’d offer 4thouC, if I see it runs nicely. If not , no bid. That just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.
Did a little more searching out of curiosity. It is, or was at a dealer who also has a nice condition appearing Schaublin 135. Out of courtesy to the OP I won’t put the link or location here, but it’s not hard to find. If a dealer has a Schaublin 160 lathe at $7500, they likely know it has problems.
What is in that cabinet? Just a transformer to correct for local voltages or something more complex?
the 160 cabinet is an interesting design . The wiring and contactors are on one side separated by a bulkhead with very nice pivoting shelves for accessories tools on the other side.
Thanks for the reply. That makes it sound like that lathe is missing a lot of electrical components necessary to control it as well.
You probably need to drive over and look at in person to verify what all he has and if it all fits together.
This will also let you get a vibe on the seller and his willingness to negotiate a lower price, always better to do that in person - shows him you are serious about it. If you're really serious be sure to bring a trailer so if you do get a good price it get loaded before he can change his mind. Easy enough to come back empty if he wont deal.
This is the message from the seller "It seem to be original. I have test the machine. The only problem is the variable speed motor. The reset trip when we are changing speed."
I'm at a loss or many hours ahead of me for wire tracing, without a wiring diagram.
I only have 240 3 phase, not 600V.
600 is pretty high for a hobbyist.
The motor seems to be pretty special and I'd lose functionality if I swapped it out.
It is missing a lot of important items that came with it new.
Everything seems to be stacked against this one but I hope you are all entertained at least a bit.
Thanks to everyone for the input.
There is almost no chance that hoffman box came with that machine when new. It is very possible that it has been with for some time though and has all the needed electronics in it to run the lathe. Those are kind of the "standard" electrical enclosure used in USA.
If he has no way to run it then a much cheaper price is in order...
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