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Fifthwheel hitch or gooseneck or both?

david n

Apr 13, 2007
Pillager, MN
I have new GMC 2500HD that is not equipped with the factory fifth wheel prep package(four pucks and the center ball flip receiver). Gonna pull a camper and prolly a gooseneck trailer. Looking into my options..........do I put in a goose neck ball though the bed and then use a fifth wheel plate that mounts to that? Or rails in the bed that accepts both a fifth wheel hitch and a goose neck ball? Don't like the idea of the rails in the bed. There are kits out there that go under the bed. What flavor do some of you guys like?

Keeps everything outa the way:
Under bed goose neck

Seems hokey to mount to just the fifth wheel ball socket?:
Goose neck to fifth wheel

With rails?:
Rails to goose neck
The B&W turnover ball is a good solution, just keep it greased so it doesn't stick in the socket from rust and crud. Then plug the 5th wheel adapter into it for the 5th wheel.
Campers are available these days with gooses. (geese?)
I would look into editing the camper and not the truck.


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Is the main difference in use a gooseneck ball needs a safety chain and 5th wheel plate does not? With a 5th wheel also you just back into it where the ball needs to be lowered onto it, not as big a deal with a powered jack but still something to consider.
I always like fifthwheel/king pins. Being around big rigs, it seems way better than the old goose neck ball 'n socket............

Thinkin' of this.............other than the fifthwheel plate stands much higher than the ball...........not sure if a goose neck hitch can be choked up enough?

Goose neck to king pin
I think k you should look at the campers before you decide if you are doing 1 or the other.

I have had the rails in my 1 truck I had for about 6 years. They were not really a PITA, only when you needed it perfectly flat for things. Stuff like plywood had no issues because the rails only came up 1.5" or so.
I prefer gooseneck. More room in the bed.

I switched to a nice flatbed last year. I like the built in gooseneck and overbuilt bumper pull receiver.

The modern flatbeds you can get are pretty slick. Lots of nice features you didn't know you needed.
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I LOVE my flatbeds! It took my chum a cpl of years to talk me into building the first one, but boy am I glad that he did!

Can easily haul heavy loads up front by the headache rack, making it MUCH less of an issue as having it on the back!

We can haul 4 skids at once. Mamma left one morning for her route with 5 skids! (one dbl stacked)

Then - there is the toys that go up there so nice! Snowmachines, ATV's, even had a Ranger up there. Beets the Shiite out of dragging a trailer around, especially back in the bush.

And I hate pulling big on the bumper - especially in the winter!

The con is that you need to tie everything down.
It's not that bad once you git used to it.
I run wood deck tho, so things don't slide around much.


I am Ox and I approve this post!

This is the bed I bought for my SRW F350. I added Rawson boxes ahead of the tires. The short drop down sides are great. There's an 18" section up front to keep random junk. Tie down points all over.
I would go with the gooseneck ball. I have a custom hitch on my 5er that was made 20 years or so ago when the RV dealer told it wouldn't work. a lot easier in rough terrain, you don't twist the truck like a 5th wheel. I bought a flatbed for my 2013 F350 DRW with a built in ball. love not having to worry about the trailer hitting top of the bed. I already had 3 gooesneck trailers when I bought the first RV and saw no reason to have to deal with a fifth wheel, so converted my first RV.
I installed a B&W flip over ball in my one ton. I have an Anderson ultimate hitch to pull camper, love it. The nice thing about it is you don’t stress the pin box on camper with goose neck adapter, plus you don’t have to worry about 5th wheel coming unlatched and dropping camper on bed of truck.
Crimped and welded tube supports for 24K gross?

No way that's going on anything of mine.


Think Snow Eh!
I wouldn't trust that aluminum hitch with 2400 lbs. 24,000 is just nuts.

40 lbs is not a selling point! It's a lawsuit!

This is the bed I bought for my SRW F350. I added Rawson boxes ahead of the tires. The short drop down sides are great. There's an 18" section up front to keep random junk. Tie down points all over.
Real tie-down points, not something that looks like a coat hook.
Truck bodies are nice 'n all............I'd go Ali and not steel.............even built a few in my day. Not interested in one for this rig...............prolly going with a rail system and a 5th wheel plate.
Real tie-down points, not something that looks like a coat hook.

I got a few customers with older Bradford beds that have held up pretty decent, but they had a shitty bumper pull hitch and some things weren't great. Then I saw a 2020 version and all the negatives had been fixed, lots of beef. So I bought one in '21.

They have some D-rings in the side rails that are very convenient for tie downs and while they don't look like the kind of things you should cinch down 2 tons with a 2" ratchet strap, I have done it a lot and they haven't flinched. If you drop the side rails there's stake pockets and the stake pockets have little reinforced cutouts to hook your strap hook or chains into and really reef her down if you need to make something "one with the truck" to haul it.

There's also reinforced hook points on the headache rack and a couple oversize D-rings on the heavy rear crossmember that is tied into the main frame of the bed and all the rear bolt holes in the truck frame rails with diagonal 6" channel.

I was going to build one for years and even bought the material once. Never made the time to do it. I thought about how many pickup beds I destroyed over the years and decided it really isn't that hard to just drop $5k on a bed and be done with it. 2 years using the bed everyday and I really wouldn't change a thing about it.
The OP has a HD2500 so it is not likely to be towing a really big/heavy 5th wheel camper. There are 'some' lighter fivers that have goose ball conversions, many larger/heavier campers are not designed for the stress of a goose neck hitch.

As for the Anderson hitch, I know a lot of lighter weight campers have used these but, as noted it is not the most robust design.

Personally, I have a 40' Teton camper that is rated at 24K and tow it with my Peterbilt. I can move it on smooth ground with the Holland hitch but, have an air ride 'Trailer saver' RV fifth wheel I use for trips. All my trailers are either 5th wheel or bumper pull. Never saw the need for a goose ball, I could mount one behind the 5th wheel on my Pete or in the bed of my Ram, just never had the need?