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Filter blown?


Nov 21, 2014
If there are little streams of water coming out the sides of the filter, does that mean it is blown out? Or is that normal? Usually it just flows out the sides and gets higher as the filter is used. Also, doesn't the water get filtered through both evenly or is it supposed to fill one and then switches to the other at a certain point? They are only at 120 hours and for about 40 hours when I come in in the morning there is a lot of debris inside the work tank cutting H13. Shouldn't that be in the filters? Cutting D2 mostly and sometimes H13 .

"Little streams" shooting out the sides of the filter means that there are little holes in the filter media. When this happens, dirt that is supposed to get trapped by the filter gets into your clean tank. Time to shut 'er down & swap in some fresh filters.

Some machines put all the water through all the filters at the same time, some have automatic switching from one filter to the other when the back pressure gets above a certain threshold. Your Operators' Manual should provide clarity.



When you look in your machine's Clean Tank...it should be CLEAN! If you have a blown filter issue, you will see dirt and debris in the Clean Tank.

What kind of machine do you have (make & model), and what type of filter (make & model also) are you using?

It is somewhat normal for the Work Tank to be dirty during machining, as you are injecting "new and clean" water from the Upper & Lower Heads via flushing that keeps the critical "erosion / business-end" area clean of debris.

- Brian
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Mits MV2400S. The filters they use now are 13" X 12"(FMFX/CX-Plus) and suck. I get barely over 100 hrs on them. 150 once in a while if lucky. I'm going back to the 13" X 17" (FRP1317)ones I use on my FX10 since they are universal for the 2 machines. Rarely ever had problems with those ones.
I figured that it meant they were blown, but just wanted verification.