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First Time Milling Inconel- Need Suggestions


Jul 21, 2021
Going to be milling Inconel 625 for the first time and have only heard horror stories. Luckily I don't have much to mill. I just need to plunge .03" with a .075" diameter end mill and make 4 other small .01" deep slots with a .0625" end mill. Only really worried about the tiny end mills. Just not sure where to start with feeds and speeds. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful. 100sfm has been recommended. That sound right?
Check out Titans of CNC on Youtube.

Despite doing stuff for watchers I would never attempt, he has good info on machining parameters if you go to the actual machining sectinos of the videos. He posts his SFM/RPM......
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50-60 SFM. .0003-.0004 IPT And that's with an End Mill specifically for that Material.
70-110 SFM depending on application. Generally I start with 100. Feed at around .0003 IPT. Stepover should be very light, typically around 4%. If you mean a ramp path with full slotting by plunging... I would probably advise against that. For features that require something like this I will use a high feed endmill to rough the feature in, then finish with an endmill. It needs lots of coolant, and preferably Thru spindle. The material is very resistant to being cut, and will most likely require spring passes to bring to size.