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For Sale: 2018 Brother TC-32Bn Quick Table CNC Machining Center


Dec 20, 2013
Hi all. Client in Escondido, CA selling their Brother TC-32Bn rocket flagship machine with integrated pallet changer. Not a Speedio, but...
2756 IPM X, Y and Z rapids, 40+1 Tool ATC, 2.1 seconds chip to chip at 16k rpm. 21.65" X , 15.75" Y and 16.3" Z axis travels. Machine is 2018 with about 10,000 hours. Running parts now if you would like to inspect. Spindle is 16k max rpm BT30 with up to 1000 psi coolant through capability. Auto-lube, two Blum Znano tool setting/detecting probes (one for each pallet), Renishaw OMP40 spindle probe, LNS Turbo MH250 chip conveyor, sub-plates with Chick foundations on each pallet. Brother B00 control with 10Mb standard memory, USB, ethernet standard. Video link below with more info and demonstration. Asking $65k. Feel free to message me or post here for more info. Thank you.




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Frank, what is the difference between this and an R series Speedio? I see the B00 control and swing arm tool changer, but otherwise it seems very similar.
Very similar. The 32B machines were the flagship from 2005 to 2018. They weigh 10,000 lbs. B00 control was great but less standard memory than C00 (10Mb vs 100Mb). Can be upgraded to 100Mb. No short cut buttons. Auto-lube instead of auto-grease. Only uses about one tank (a quart or two) of way lube a year. 2756 IPM rapids (X,Y,Z). Has chip chute like new R series Xd1 machines right below the table. The conveyor included goes up under the machine to the chip chute. 40+1 magazine like top R650. X is 550mm versus 650 on R650. Many videos of 32B machines in action on YT. I like the action in this one:

Anything I missed?
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The first thing I noticed was the door that opens to the right, which would really suck for a right handed loader. The hinged control panel is sweet though, I do miss that on my R650.