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For sale - random batch of 16 carbide end mills all brand new


Cast Iron
May 17, 2010
South East
Selling the below batch of brand new end mills. Paypal only for payment.

$350.00 plus $20.00 shipped for everything.

***1pcs of helical edp#40916 new other than chipped flute ***
***1pcs of yg-1 jag97986 new other than chipped flute***

3pcs yg-1 jag97986 (1 has chipped flute) 1/2"dia x .120cr x 2-1/2"loc x 5"oal x 3fl
1pcs yg-1 jag97820 3/4"dia x .09cr x 1"loc x 3"oal x 3fl
1pcs yg-1 jag97829 3/4"dia x .19cr x 1-5/8"loc x 4"oal x 3fl
1pcs yg-1 e5g95922 3/4"dia x square x 3-1/4"loc x 6"oal x 3fl
1pcs helical edp#40916 (1 flute has chip) 1"dia x square x 2.625"lbs x .95loc x 5"oal x 2fl
2pcs helical hsps-103214 3/4"dia x .156cr x 2.625"lbs x 1"loc x 4"oal x 2fl
1pcs gws epd#1004351 3/8"dia x .120cr x 1-1/2"loc x 3.5"oal x 3fl
1pcs gws edp#315835 3/8"dia x ball nose x 1/2"loc x 2-1/8"lbs x 4"oal x 3fl
1pcs gws 35062512ns54120c5 5/8"dia x .120cr x 3/4"loc x 3-3/8lbs x 6"oal x 3fl
1pcs garr edp#41783 3/8"dia x square corner x 1/2"loc x 4"lbs x 6"oal x 3fl
1pcs garr edp#44137 5/16"dia x ball nose x 1-5/8"loc x 4"oal x 4fl
2pcs garr edp#35017 1/8"dia x ball nose x 3/8"loc x 3/8 shank dia x 2fl