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For sale: Wet Deburring machine A 300 2K - Used - Belgium made


Jun 25, 2021
Fore Sale: Wet metal processing machine

At discount price! ➤ Only worked for demo purposes.
Machine is for sale due to showroom clean-up

Belgian Made in 2016 - 2 units - 300 mm width - Grinding thickness1-200 mm - Dimensions belt: 300 x 1900 mm
(more technical data at the bottom of the page)

A 300 2K from VG Machines


The A 300 2 K is a complete machine including an filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, adding lubricity to ensure that the abrasive belt’s service life is extended. Press rolls and air dryer tubes ensure dry workpieces when leaving the machine.
In one pass, we can pre-grinding, deburring and finish rectangular pipes, flat bars and flat parts. Perfect removal of vertical burrs, pre-grinding, high class finish, graining fast and easy. Very cost-effective!

Grinding Belt


The grinding belt has a width of 300 mm and is 1900 mm long. The integrated oscillating system keeps the belt perfectly in place.
The contact roller can easily be replaced by Scotch Brite barrel brush. That means every head can work with a grinding belt or a Scotch Brite brush. Along the application we can use a softer or a hard contact roller.

2 Zone principle

The machine is built with the 2 zone principle; a dry and a wet zone.
The dry zone contains bearings, pneumatic components, electrical components, oscillating systems, etc. In addition, the wet zone is made up of stainless steel parts. In the wet area of the machine, the parts and the grinding belt are continuously sprayed. In this way, the parts and the belt are washed. It also keeps the temperature of the parts low.

Filter and drying unit

The cooling water circulates between the grinding machine and the filter device where it is filtered through filter paper. Before the parts come out, they are dried by press rollers and air dryer tubes.


price can be discussed! ;)
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website of manufacturer: www.vgmachines.be

A 300 series - Wet finishing solution | VG Metal Machines (vgmachines.be)


  • pneumatic abrasive belt tension and oscillation (air consumption 50 l/min/belt – 5 kg/cm2
  • high quality, non-slip feeding belt, variable speed 3-10 m/min
  • spirally grooved contact roller 70°SH, v = 20m/s for more effective cooling and longer abrasive life
  • digital mechanical readout 1/10 mm
  • shortest grinding length: roller 150: 205 mm grinding with the feed
  • suitable for abrasive coated belts as scotch brite belts as well (instead of the roller, a brush Ø 150 can easily be mounted)
  • component thickness 1-200 mm
  • working height: 920 mm/fixed working height
  • rubber pressure rollers before and after the grinding unit for trouble-free working
  • blower-dryer of 1,5KW on the out feed table - min.length 250 mm
  • stainless steel casing of grinding unit and conveyor belt
  • coolant sump removal for cleaning
  • freestanding automatic paper filter (0,25KW) next to the machine. (dim. 1,3x1,2x0,4)
  • The machine has a fixed drive unit height which means that the grinding heads are moving up and down. Which allows to put before and behind the machine a table extension which doesn't need to be movable.
  • The machine has been built with a dry and a wet zone.
  • In the dry zone you can find the pneumatic, electrical en turning spare parts which are not resistant to water or mist.

Extra Photos:

see full album:Victor_M's Album: A 300 2K wet grinding machine (practicalmachinist.com)