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Sean S

Dec 20, 2000
Coos Bay, OR
This thread is for the posting of Deckel, Maho, Aciera, Abene, and Schaublin items (or copies) for sale/trade only.
You might want to consider also reflecting any posts in the main "for sale" forum on Practical Machinist unless you are targeting this group only.
Ebay and other links are acceptable.

Please keep discussions about the item via email.
Please delete "sold" items
Please refrain from multiple postings on the same item.
Consider posting the price and location.
Consider posting a photo' of the item.

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Hello Guys,

I have the following Spindle drive for Sale.

EMS same as Saftronics model

Model: CIMR-G3U43P7

Serial Nr. 951453372

AC Input

Volts 380-460

HZ: 50/60

Phase: 3

Amps: 9.9

File# E131457

AC Output

Volts 0-460

HZ : 0-400

Phase : 3

Variable torque cont.Amps 9.0 HP 5

Constant torque cont Amps 8.0 HP 5

Drive measures 8" W x 14" L x 8" H

Asking $500.00

Drive had been in service for 1 year.

Please send Email to [email protected]



Hello All

I have a ACME Transformer catalog #T-2-53308-1S
Prim 480 with FC Taps
Sec 208Y/120
3KVA 60HZ 3Phase

The transformer is mounted in nema Type A enclosure and has fuse block.


New list price for this transformer is $623.00 no nema box or fuse block.
My asking price is $300.00,and you pay shipping.
If you have any questions please send email to [email protected] .

FP1 Riser and Boring head for sale


Deckel FP1 electrical cabinet

I have an FP1 electrical cabinet available. It came off of a working FP1 (serial 35575) that my boss is going to use as a display (unfortunately it couldn't find its way into my shop ). I thought that someone out there might be interested and/or have a use for it. Send me a PM if you are interested.
Grinding Head & Overam

HI, just buy a Deckel FP2 and i did get some tooling and some accessorie with it.
I have a grinding head for sales or for trade
i have a Horizontal Over arm for sales or for trade..

For trade with a Vertical Spindle head with Long-Range Arm,and other tooling.


[email protected]
FP1 for sale

1960's fp1 for sale, ser. no. 29619

Includes HS head, full set of collets, overarm and standard table. Universal table also available. $1850 with standard table, $2250 with universal table instead of standard table, $2500 with both tables. Also includes sets of Asian import MT4 collets and end mill holders and the machine light shown in fp1_4.JPG. No vise is included.

I'm making room in my small shop for an NC machine, otherwise I would not be parting with this machine. I installed a Baldor 1 HP motor on the HS head with a GE sensorless vector drive, tuned to the motor, and it is a dream to use. The regular Deckel motor still powers the gear train, feeds and horiz. spindle. There are no mechanical problems that I am aware of, it is in very good overall condition except for the paint.

Pictures are available here:


Machine is located in Salinas, CA.
Send Me Picture of.... the 40 taper Deckel test/ alignment arbor (~10-12" long): $200

Also have a Deckel 40 taper to Universal quickswitch 200 master holder along with 13 quickswitch 200 holders and a tightening fixture: $450

(2) 40 taper 1" Deckel horizontal arbors, ok condition with some spin marks ect.: $75 ea

Am Interested.

[email protected]
Phase Perfect for sale + 2 transformers

I have a Phase Perfect for sale and 2 transformers (220 to 380 and 440 to 380).

The Phase Perfect is 2.5 years old and spent its life in a climate controlled walk-in closet.
I forgot the exact designation right now, but it is sized to run at least up to a FP4NC. New price was $2500. Asking $1650.

The transformers are $400 each.

P-mail me if interested.

Deckel SOE

Also for sale a Deckel SOE in nice shape. Machine has a 440 V motor and is an Inch machine. The tool carrier has miraculously never touched the grinding wheel.
Comes with a set of inch collets. I got this machine in very dirty condition and it had obviously not been used in a long time. I have cleaned it up and lubed it. Belts must be replaced ($19.00). The machine is grey and had a repaint a long time a go, which was done well, but not perfect.
Asking $1900

P-mail if interested.

Aciera F4 for sale


I have an Aciera F4 for sale or ideally would like to exchange for a deckel FP1, it is a 1958 machine, the round head style, I am open to sensible offers, please email me for more info, machine located near Manchester, UK

[email protected]
Deckel KF mirror attachment

I have a Deckel mirror image attachment part # 3015-0841 for a KF machine. It came with my KF3S, however it is not complete. I have the main part that sits on the table but there is a part that connects this to the tool slide that I did not get, so I am not even sure what it looks like.

If anyone is interested I can post some pictures. This thing is heavy and will require some substantial crating. I dont want a fortune for it, just has to be worth my time to ship it out. Make me an offer, or better yet, what have you got that you dont need....Tool post grinder for SB 9", vertical mill tooling.......
Modules for Dialog 11


I have Dialog 11 boards/modules for sale. All are used but functional. They have been mounted in an FP3A -90.

You are welcome to contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Viktor Strigeus
QuadMotion AB, Sweden
Boring head

I have a boring head #2021-0649 2200-2548 for sale. I bought this 6 years ago to put on a machine that has since left, and have not run it, but bought it as a 'good running unit' from the previous owner.

I'd rather not ship- I don't really have the means to crate it, but can store it indefinitely.

Asking 500 euros. I'm located in Nyon Switzerland (near Geneva).