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Forward & Reverse Switch


Jan 28, 2023
I purchase the Dalton Lathe Lot 2 # 66 it had a New Dayton 3/4-1 hp motor. It was originally wired for 220v single phase. I am trying to rewire it for 110v single phase. The question is, can I used the 220v F&R switch with 110v. ? Is the switch with 4 internal wires the same for both 110v & 220v, or do I need to purchase a new 110v F&R switch for 3 wire? I am using a 3 wire outlet extension wire.


Jun 16, 2001
St Louis
Switches have voltage and current limits. You are reducing voltage, so no issue there. But the current will double, so the current rating of the switch must allow the motor current.

Also, the switch should be rated for the usage.... motors have a high inrush current, and cause sparking when the circuit is opened. The switch should be rated for that. Most industrial type switches in the US can handle those issues if the current rating is sufficient.