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FP4NC with NC-T400

Deckel had a high speed head that was used with the 3150 rpm FP-NC’s.
Was a late version of the head used with the manual machines.
Had its own drive motor.
Design had a heavier base casting that was more square to mimic the rest of the FP-NC shape.
On the 3150 machines there are two accessory outlets on the big electrical cabinet.
One is for the power to the high speed head.
It is switched, when the HS head is plugged in the main spindle motor is disabled, and the power to the HS head is controlled by either the console buttons, or via program( S +/-)

The later electrical cabinets ( flip head) eliminated the high speed head plug,( not needed),and have just the one accessory power outlet.

1714369403819.jpegCheers Ross
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Ross, thank you for sharing the photo. I have never seen or heard of that head before. It must be pretty uncommon. Were there different versions for the FP2,3,4 etc.?
Not sure. Don’t think there were any specific versions based on the model of FP-NC.
They all fit the upper dovetail, and don’t get drive from the machine gearing , so don’t see why there would be any changes needed to accpmidate the different sized machines.

The base is relatively short (as shown fit to My FP4NC) so think it would fit on the FP2NC without issue.
Cheers Ross