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Free! Chip Separator


Dec 15, 2010
Cranston, RI USA
McKenzie Chip Separator. Bench type, small bench included. 1/4 HP, size range of work: up to 0.5"x1", suction attachment. 120V

Free to good home. I would hate to see this nice machine go to the fiery furnace. For pickup in Cranston, RI.



work phone 508-549-2274
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Used in screw machine shops to separate the (degreased/cleaned and dry) finished parts from chips. You drop the mix of chips & parts into the top chute onto a plate inside which is shaking around. The chute feeds the mix across an adjustable-gap drop where air is blowing, and hopefully the chips blow off, the heavier parts make the drop onto the "good parts chute" that's off to the side. The scrap chips end up coming out of the other chute. The lever you see with the dozen or so indexes is what adjusts the space of the air gap. You have to play with that to get mainly chips blowing off and not parts. Adjusted wrong and you get too many chips in the finished parts bin or too many finished parts still in the chips.

They generally work pretty darn good. Newer CNC screw machines with separate part chutes usually don't need such secondary ops. These were common in shops running "Brownies" because the parts bins on those machines usually got a 50/50 mix of cutoff chips and parts.

The one shown is a bit bulkier than others I've seen & used, but not by much. That's quite a nice thing to do to offer it up like that!
I scrapped out a nice one a few times bigger than that one a cpl yrs ago.

I never used it...


Think Snow Eh!
I scrapped out a nice one a few times bigger than that one a cpl yrs ago.

My potato farmer friend has a similar unit to separate rocks from potato's....

Called a "wind machine" and it has a dodge 360 v-8 to run the blower.
I've got the large floor model type Mackenzie.
I use it now and then, works well on larger parts.
Need to find a small one for my small parts as well.

I don't understand the suction attachment??
Parts+chips usually go in the top hopper, not into the spinning blower