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FS: Jaw machining preloading adapter- Rivelica Out Lock 525 NC $300


Oct 11, 2011
This is essentially an inverted 3 jaw scroll chuck used to preload the jaws of a chuck while machining them in. I think most would use it for soft jaws, but I guess you could also grind true hard jaws. You can preload radially inward or outward at a range of clamping diameters so you can do ID or OD clamp surfaces of the machine's chuck. You can also reverse the jaws on the adapter for an increased range. I am going to put it on ebay as well, but it will be cheaper here. It looks slimy because I have Fluid Film anti-rust treatment all over it.

If you need me to make specific measurements, just let me know.

From ad information:
Normal jaw position (1-2-3) From 1 to 150 mm (up to about 6")
Reversed jaw position (A-B-C) From 256 a 345 mm (a bit over 10" to about 13.5")
Max grip load 13,000kg

This is an italian made unit that is currently sold new by CDMeccanica:

For reference- SteveM had a previous ad for a similar unit a while back:

Similar on ebay:


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