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FS: Large HSS endmills (7/8", 1", and 1-1/4" shanks). Tapers, t-slot, dovetail, etc.


Mar 3, 2007
Cleveland Ohio
These came out of a tool-and-die shop that started in the 1950s. Part of an auction lot but they're too big for my Bridgeport. Many have been custom ground, probably modified for a job and then they hung on to them in case the job came back. The ones with markings are old USA brands; Weldon, Niagara, Putnam, Pahl Tool, etc.
Will pack as many as you want in a flat rate box.
Prices are suggestions, make an offer if you think I'm too high. Not looking to fund my retirement, but I'm also not going to go to the post office for $5.
There are 37 cutters total; if you are willing to take them all, the total price is very negotiable.

If you want details not visible from the photos, ask.

Picture 1: all are 1" shank. A-C look like they started as three-flute reamers? Then ground with a taper and a pilot. Butt ends are marked PAHL TOOL. D has brazed carbide teeth. $8 each.
Picture 2: all are 1" shank. Various radiusing cutters. $8 each.
Picture 3: all 1" shank. Various taper or chamfer cutters. D is marked 7 deg, 7-1/2 minutes. $8 each.
Picture 4: all 1" shank. A is marked 1/2" radius. B has brazed carbide and is chipped, would need sharpened. E and F were modified from straight endmills into T-slot cutters. G is a Niagara, 1-1/4" diameter x 1/2" wide, unmodified. H is 1-1/2" diameter x 5/8" wide. A, G, and H are $12 each, others $8 each.
Picture 5: all 7/8" shanks. A and B carbide tipped. A-D, $8 each. E and F, $10 each.
Picture 6: 1-1/4" shank, about 3-5/8" diameter. Looks like they carefully TIG welded a wheel cutter to the shank, then ground it to 50 degrees. The can it was stored in says "K1 Bridgeport Cutter", and it seems to match the dovetails on my Bridgeport. $25
Picture 7: (yeah, I forgot to change the number label). A-C are 1-1/4" shanks. All have been modified. C is a 2" Putnam with a custom profile ground on the bottom corner (see 2nd pic). Sides look original. D and E are 1" shank. C is $12, the others are $8 each.