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FS: metric Mitutoyo calipers, micrometers and DTIs, plus mag bases, Shore D durometer tester and a bunch of other stuff

Just as a heads up and for shits and giggles, you can convert the metric only digital stuff to bananas too. Just need to pop or cut out the blank.

Here’s the rotating spindle mic
And here’s a digital height gage I got for myself. Haven’t finished cutting out the hole for the button yet, I need a smaller craft knifeIMG_1408.jpegIMG_1409.jpegIMG_1410.jpeg
So I’m going to keep the non rotating spindle mic :)
If IHateMayo doesn't want all three I'll take one of the 2um lever arms at $25.
And if the 1um balance indicator from the first post is still available I'll take that too.
I'll take one of the 0.01" DTIs, one of the 1um DTIs, one of the 1 um dial indicators (back plunger if you happen to have another, but if not then a normal side plunger is fine) and the 6" digital caliper that's on the bottom in the picture
I’ll take a back plunger 1um indicator, a 1um balance micrometer, and a 1um DTI. If you have any with large ball tops, those are always preferred :). PM incoming.
what's left:
new Mit bag base
both 100-125mm mics
Starrett whatsits
0.01mm back plunger balance indicators
0-3mm and 0-5mm dial indicators
scads of regular balance indicators (0.01mm and 1um)
scads of 0.01mm, 2um and 1um (0.0004", 0.00008" and 0.00004") DTIs