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FS Monarch 10ee modular


Hot Rolled
Sep 19, 2017
Monarch 10ee Lathe, 12.5" swing 20" between centers. $9000 or best offer.

Modular drive, 1962 manufacture, includes Scissio Controls solid state replacements for C16J tubes (sold by Monarch). Machine is super precision model delivered to Bendix Corp in 1962. Original GE 5HP DC motor and back gear unit. 25 - 4000 RPM spindle speeds.

Includes Electronic Lead Screw Reverse (ELSR).

Configured for 240v single-phase operation, Monarch transformers for 440v operation available separately if desired. Can also be run on 208v 3-phase power.

Accessories / Tooling included:

- 3 Jaw set-tru (Bison) and 4 jaw chuck (Cushman)
- Faceplate
- Steady Rest
- Follower Rest
- Aloris AXA toolpost and 6 holders
- 3 MT2 jacobs chucks for tailstock
- Skoda live center
- Full manual set
- Coolant pump (new Flair suction pump replaced original Ruthman/Gusher pump, plumbed in as original)

Service done to lathe:

- all lubrication lines in saddle replaced with new copper tubing, all lubrication meter units in saddle replaced
- bearings replaced: saddle gibs (4), ELSR end-bracket, idler pulleys for drive belts
- shop made rear belt tensioner
- ELSR disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, reinstalled and tested.
- main drive belts replaced
- motor commutator stoned and brushes adjusted
- apron oil pump filter replaced, oil sump cleaned, seals replaced
- felt way-wipers replaced
- oil sight glasses cleaned, seals replaced
- headstock oil flushed and replaced
- tailstock disassembled, cleaned, reassembled
- Gits oiler caps replaced
- loose / chipped paint removed, body filler applied, primer and painted (Sherwin Williams primer and topcoat).
- Heaters for main power contactor, coolant pump replaced for 240v operation. Main disconnect replaced for 240v operation (was 440v).


- Some slow leakage of oil from front and rear headstock compartment to center compartment
- Can be demonstrated under power and inspected

Can assist with loading, depending on your trailer / equipment. Pickup only due to size/weight in northern NJ.