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FS: Nardini 25160 Gap bed lathe with chucks, rests, large boring bar etc


Apr 13, 2015
I am selling my Nardini Lathe. It is in fair condition, The feed gear needs to be replaced (the bronze one in the carriage) it was stripped before I had it. I have just used it manually. The threading gears work.
208 3 phase motor.
asking $9,200 (lathe + chucks + steady rest & follower + large boring bar)
25" turning diameter, 13 foot bed. the total machine is about 25' long. I'll get more dimensions and pictures
I haven't had any issues with it, its just too big and i am down sizing. I think it has a 5" through hole in the head. I used it for turning large plates and rods that I could put through the head.
I wouldn't say its high tolerance machine. I have the manual for it as well.
Its a gap bed, has the tailstock, multiple chucks, follower and stead rest. I will include the 32" long boring bar (2.5" diameter) that was made for this machine. I don't have pictures right now, I'll try to get some posted.
oil pump works, forward and reverse, jog, and coolant pump. All of the gears work (all speeds). No Dro.
The machine will probably go to auction in a month or so, so if you want to make an offer please let me know.
I have a 15,500 lb forklift on site that I *THINK* will load it. so assuming I can get it into the air no additional rigging fees if you have a truck/trailer.
im located in Albuquerque New Mexico
i will try to watch my messages here but you can call or text me at
5o5-5o6-6772, if you call please leave a message, I don't usually answer calls I dont have numbers for in my phone.