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FS: Restored (& upgraded) Walker-Turner 900 drill press


Jan 21, 2009
New York
Hey all --

I'm downsizing my shop, and unfortunately this means passing on the Walker-Turner 15" drill press that I restored (and posted about here) a few years ago. Asking $750, which I believe is less than I spent on the motor, VFD, and keyless Jacobs chuck. Pickup in Brooklyn, New York.

View attachment drill press-1.jpg

This machine was built in the 1940s and pretty beat up when I got it. I meticulously stripped the paint, repainted a very cute baby blue, replaced all the bearings, installed a new motor and VFD, and added that nice new keyless Jacobs chuck. It has seen very light use since then. There are a bunch more photos of the restoration here.

I need the machine moved in the next 2-3 weeks, so please send your offers quickly! (or, lol, revisit this page for price drops)