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FS: TG100 collets (used) + racks + few new collets


Hot Rolled
Jul 2, 2008
Metro Detroit, MI
I bought a shelving unit at auction last fall because it contained carbide endmills that the auctioneer did not note. Along with that there was a shelf of TG100 collets. The recent posting of TG collets by Sundown57 got me to move on getting rid of something I have no need for and is now using up my shelf space. These collets appear to have been rode hard and put away wet. There is a combination of dried coolant and rust staining on all of the used collets. I took before and after cleaning w/ lacquer thinner & paper towel images on two collets. Some collets have 100% grip length, others appear to be about 75% and 60% - see images from bottom of collet racks.

There are two racks of used collets (35 each) + 10 used loose collets. Plus there are 8 used collets with dual Weldon flats. There are a total of 15 new, non branded collets. Two made in Taiwan, the remaining 13 collets are from Cheapistan or China or? (2) 1/4, (3) 7/16, (2) 9/16, 15/32, 19/32, 23/32, 29/64, 35/64, 39/64, (2) 41/64

Asking $125 for all + shipping in two USPS flat rate boxes at $15 + $21. I am willing to split the new and used collets, or possibly some other way. If my ask is out of line, please educate me - I don't have a feel for the value/usability of collets that are rust stained. PayPal or check/MO. If paying by check or MO, shipping is delayed until the check clears. Will probably take a couple of days after payment to scrounge some scrap plywood to reinforce the shipping boxes. If you have an unused R8 ER16 collet chuck or an R8 DA100 collet chuck as trade bait I'm willing to listen.
SAM_9498.JPGSAM_9499.JPGSAM_9500.JPGSAM_9501.JPGSAM_9502.JPGSAM_9504.JPGSAM_9505.JPGSAM_9506.JPGcollet before-after.jpg
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