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Fuchs straight in Feeler turret machine?


Cast Iron
Sep 12, 2008
Eugene Oregon
Buddy has been using Fuchs 6028 straight lately and running it mixed in his T42 Hardinge. I switched over from Qualchem that was eating the paint in my cnc lathe and so far I like it better. I just picked up a CHNC II and I see the same paint shriveling and destruction inside it as I was getting with Qualchem. The sales outlet for it here is a saw grinding shop and the tool sales store is quite meager.
Choices. I have a Jet little TL-42 turret lathe, the Wasino LJ63M cnc, the Okuma MC4Va vmc and now the CHNC. Can I run Fuchs 6028 in all of them, or even SHOULD I?
You'll get better answers or at least more if you describe what type of stuff 6208 is, or at least post a link to it.

Just sayin...