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Fusion 360 - Mazak 640t control


Nov 26, 2021
This may or may not be the right thread to post this in, but has anyone had much success posting code for a Mazak lathe with the "Fusion" 640t control? I know that Fusion 360 has many different posts for the lathes produced by Mazak and all of the posts have the ability to post code to the 640t, but I have read some stories saying that the Fusion post processors do not post the code correctly and results in lots of post and code modification to work correctly. I recently purchased a QTN250MS with the EIA option enabled and was hoping to do the bulk of my programing with Fusion 360 and then leverage Mazatrol to do the machine functions like the a spindle pick-off. If anyone has experience with this topic, I would love to hear from you.
Fusion posts not posting very good code is not limited to Mazak. I would say it is intentional so the VARs have something to do.
Estoy probando/modificando la publicación para el torno de 100 msy de mis amigos. Si conseguimos que funcione bien, puedo compartir el archivo.
y tengo un post casi listo, pero tengo varias dudas, despues de ejecuatar el G50 junto con el G68.5
I see that the fusion post library has one configured for the 640mt control. The sample code looks correct but that's hardly a testament to anything.

I wonder if this will work on a 640t as long as you don't ask it for more than the control is capable of doing?