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Fusion 360 Post Processor Mazatrol M Plus


Mar 21, 2021
Hello Men,

I am currently in process of transferring my first CAM file into this M-plus. The only concern with the end of my process is that the post processor won't work for my control. Lets prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I am concerned that the post processor that fusion provides will not work, they seem a little skeptical about the post processor in the forums. I am new to all of this but as I am understanding I can alter that post processor to fit my control and I have no experience with altering that type of code. Could any of you guys help me alter the post processor to comply with my control?

~Thanks, Derick
Hi Derick,

Have any luck on getting fusion 360 post to work on your Mazak machines?


I also am having the same issue and still looking for the solution. I've been alternating the code but it's a pain. Wish there was a post process that would output the right code.
Hi Sam,

Have you reached out to any of the 3rd party post processor companies recommended by Autodesk? Perhaps the solution is fairly cheap.

Which post are you using at the moment, and what codes have you had to alter? Have you had any luck modifying the script in the post. My buddies shop had to do that with their Fanuc post.

Are you still looking for your post processor? I can help you out with this,
I'm pretty sure I built a post for this machine, do you have a sub spindle on this mazak too? Let me know if your interested. I'll look and see what I have