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Geka Puma 55/E-500 punch for sale

proliferation of plasma,laser and water jet has hurt value I think
Bigger issue is that it's just a single end punch. Basically just one end of a Hydracrop 55 ironworker. For the same floorspace and cost, most people are going to opt for the whole ironworker, unless it's to be set up in a production line where the rest of the machine would be inaccessible. It's just a niche machine, that's all. But someone, somewhere will want it. Good condition used Geka don't end up on the market very often.

I'm with Ries, Geka is the best on the market, and I'm not getting rid of my Hydracrop 55 until I retire - there's still plenty of use for punching even in the world of laser.
and this was a factory tool and was dedicated to channel punching. all channel cutting was on the saw. all sheet metal and plate is laser cut. the parts that used to be channel were redesigned as laser cut and bent for more precision which opened up other design options
price reduced to $7900. nicer photos are attached. this is a nice machine!


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