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General Purpose Feeds and Speeds


Jul 21, 2021
Hello guys,

I'm looking for recommendations for graphics/charts/references on general purpose carbide end mill speeds and feeds. I'm rather new to this. Does it always come down to getting recommendations from the manufacturer or do standard uncoated carbide end mills usually run similarly?

Also, how much of speeds and feeds practice comes down to the exact calculations? and how much of it is just experience? Tool life is something I'm really struggling with.
I'm usually not making stuff up off the top of my head. Manufacturers recommendations are a good place to start. Feed and speed software isn't bad either. Experience enters in sometimes when it's a gut feeling that the numbers given aren't going to work in a particular situation. With manual equipment it was different. There's more feel for the road if you will. In CNC work you're very detached from things. There are occasional visual clues, but mostly all you have is sound, which is really going to be your first line of defense in discerning if things are good or not. Over time everyone gets a feel for what will work. Personally I do very little guessing about the numbers I start with. But I'm seldom against bending them from there.

What are you running by chance? Lack of rigidity will kill carbide as fast or faster then incorrect feed or speed.