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Getting rid of micro-slivers...your favourite way?

I have stereo microscopes and they are great for working on fingers. I have DuMont Swiss watchmaker tweezers and use them for some splinters. For others, I prefer to use a lancet, which has a tiny sterile stainless wire in a plastic handle. The tip is sharply beveled like a hypodermic needle, but is not hollow and stiffer, so it can cut like a tiny knife blade or poke under a splinter and lift it up out of the skin.

I like this brand, but there are generics that may work OK. For splinters, a box of 50 should last you years. You can buy a box at any drugstore.


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I like the lancet idea. I’ve been using the stereo microscope and an exacto knife. Definitely makes a bigger hole. Tweezers if I don’t have to dig, which is not that often.
Having been a type 1 diabetic for the last 58 years, I'm a bit like Larry, I use a glucose test lancet or a disposable 30G needle if excavation is required. Before that, I've got a couple of pairs of tweezers in the metrology draw that have lapped jaws. No decent microscope yet, but being very short sighted means that taking my glasses off is the same as a normal person using a 5 dioptre magnifying glass
Yes, when I needed -7 diopter tri-focal glasses there was little need for microscopes or loupes. Then the cataract surgery gave me 20/20 distant vision with no glasses but still needing progressives for reading. Now I have to walk to a microscope to see the size marking on a tap or drill. On the whole, an improvement, especially driving at night, and I have sufficient microscopes, which have LED ringlights.

Most of the above. Normally start with the 90 degree Xacto blade. I once ran my thumb down a freshly ground mould slide front and ended up with a burr about 20mm long all the way down the ball of my thumb. The guy I worked with was to squeamish to remove it so I squeezed it in a vice and sliced open the skin down to the burr and pulled it out.
For the hard cases I use 50X magnification and a Xcelite knife blade.
If you use tweezers then a dedicated tool is what you need.
I typically ignore them unless they're particularly annoying. I have a few tweezers, but almost always go for the pocket knife approach. Calluses make it so the act of removing the sliver via shaving away the skin around it doubles as a manicure. While sitting in the pew on Sunday, I'll carve out all the others. Always gets some weird looks from the kiddo's.
Sometimes I am discouraged by my bathing abilities. I look at something under the microscope and see
micro-micro-slivers in the skin. Aluminum mixed with something like WD-40 is my worst case.
The finger print looks like noodles placed next to each other. At the intersection of two noodles is a nice
place for a chunk. And as I wash hands I get most of the junk off. But here and there a few pieces take a bite
probably due to hands rubbing across each other or from rubbing on a towel near the machine.
I am using one of those plastic Gojo hand cleaner brushes at the final cleanup.

I got this stand and bionic head for $450 (used) with no light source. I made a light source with ultra-bright LEDs.

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Uncle Bill's tweezers used to be great although slightly broad at the tip, then quality control got iffy for a while. (It's critical that the two tips make a great match.
I'm with you on this. Agreed that the quality dropped severely, they used to grind and polish the tips so they matched perfectly, then dropped that process and you got them stamped and there you go.
I still buy them and take them to the fine wheel and put my own point on them. Then an Arkansas to finish them up.

Stereo microscope is a must for me. Especially for the G4 slivers, the glass is invisible until one shades the area just right.
Stereo microscope is a must for me...
Found my Zeiss stereo microscope on eBay without a stand and no eye cups. Also on eBay found the Nikon microscope stand with no base. Made a base from thick aluminum plate and Formica'd over it. Ordered new eye cups from Zeiss. Added an imported LED ring light (also eBay). :)

Can't say it used often, but there is no substitute.

Several pairs of Dumont Tweezers, light and magnification as required.

Duct tape too. Roll a bit around your finger, sticky side out, wave over a lit lighter to warm the stickum, and apply to the area.

Used to get recruited by the Missus, when she was doing dog grooming, she would pick up hair splinters in her feet. Those two methods are what worked for me, and still are my fall-backs.
I use https://www.esslinger.com/dumont-1-tweezer-eq-stainless-antimagnetic/

If I'm at the shop, I have a lighted bench magnifier. If I'm at home: https://www.esslinger.com/jewelry-loupe-and-watchmaker-loupe-standard-plastic-2-5x-10x-choose-power/
For the super tiny micro slivers, I just grab a piece of fine sandpaper/emery cloth and rub my finger across it.
9 times out of 10 it removes them.
This is my go to method if the tweezers don't work and for that 1 in 10 where the sandpaper doesn't work I just step up to some 120 grit and sand until everything is gone.
Second edit, I think the guy making the tweezers did them with a wire EDM. Do you know anyone with one of those? :).
I wrote the original member and he has no interest in making more, but enough other members bought a pair that we could probably make a drawing, not that it looked particularly complicated.
Have one, works great, no way would I sell it. It does seem like a good product for someone. Worth every bit of $25. Don't have wire EDM or I'd take it on.