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Giddings & Lewis VTC 2500 Fives 31i


May 29, 2024
Hey everyone!

Recently started a new role on a G&L VTC2500, first time with this machine and first time with Fives. Previous experience was mainly with Okuma controllers on the VTR 350A.

I'm not sure if the shop has the machine book so figured I would come and ask y'all.

So, we are in a thread milling cycle and new to me. They aren't capable of using G41/42 to engage cutter comp (that they are aware of) on the machine. So we are chasing size of threads by writing new programs a couple thou at a time.

The machine interface has the usual Fanuc offset screen.
X Z R T in the columns left to right.

Moving the X offset in wear/geometry will just shift the tool as it would a turning process.

We haven't done much experimenting with the R value as we are unsure how it will function.

If anyone has any idea on this or the book on pdf. Let me know!

Thank you in advance!