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Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

3 weeks ago I sent 50 oysters from here in New England to CA to a key vendor. His wife is allergic to shellfish so he never gets to order them. Shipped to his house overnight by fedex and he took them to a friends house and the 2 of them ate all 50 that night. $139.00 total. He was one happy guy.
I've got a bar of 4" round Titanium about 30" long a friend dropped off. I was contemplating making some various items as gifts/thank you's. This thread reminds me I should get to it.

A friend suggested christmas tree ornaments.

Another friend suggested knuckles.

Another friend mentioned a clock, but I hadn't really considered it until Mud posted it. I don't know if I could find a US movement? Seems like a waste to use titanium.

I already make beer bottle openers (steel & aluminum) for a customer. The customer told me to use the design (my design) for whatever I wanted. Maybe I should make a batch to hand out.

Lots of good ideas!
A friend suggested christmas tree ornaments.
Almag - one of the biggest aluminum extruders around here - does this every year, and it's always a hit.

Apparently they have a yearly in-house design contest where they challenge the engineers to include as many neat / challenging features in the extruded design, and the winning design gets what's probably a 500 lb run pushed. They sawcut to length, tumble, anodize, put a ribbon on it, and send it out to their customers.

My tree is covered in them at home - so I'd definitely recommend Christmas tree ornaments - especially if you can make them pretty.
Small local chocolates store that's considered a little premium. Every year I go in and buy a buy a stack of boxes of chocolates. Bigger customers I can give a bigger box. Those corporate customers that have the dollar limit I can be under. Everyone likes chocolate, if they don't someone at home does.
Anybody here order a lot from U-Line? We do and we get free gifts for stuff we order throughout the year. At Christmas the owner regifts these free gifts to the employees for Christmas. lmao
My how things have changed.
Remember sitting in the basement wrapping all sorts of bottles of booze as a kid. Some got big ones, some got small ones.
We were the little people.
The competition.... big TVs, all paid for vacation trips to Europe on a corporate private jet, oh and a 40ft sailboat to one guy.
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