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Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

Next thing you know, some dumbass is staggering around IMTS, smacking women on the butt and wearing your company name on their badge.
And then you get sued by a chick with a beard because he/her/it was discriminated against because it wasn't smacked on the ass.
I did wood pen & pencil sets.
Just takes a 6" mandrel and a few brass rings.
Drill a hole in a wood block and glue a brass cylinder inside.
Mount on mandrill and turn round.
Finish and press pen/pencil parts together.

Pen/pencil parts.

Other stuff like bottle stoppers.


I was thinking about pens. There are designs for bolt action pens floating around. If you have time on a CNC lathe, you could crank them out with little effort, engrave your company name and it's just advertising. Maybe personalize them if you want.

Given the quality I've seen lately of even Tul pens that quit or jam after a week, a pen with a decent Parker refill would be really appreciated.