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Gluing/epoxying cast iron?

Just a Sparky

Hot Rolled
May 2, 2020
Looking for a quick, low-temperature, low-strength fix to bond cracked cast iron. I like to collect and restore old electric motors dating back to the beginnings of the electrical age. Occasionally I'll run into one with a crack inconveniently located along one of the oil sumps. Some motors in sad shape I end up blasting and repainting, while others have rather charming patinas that are well worth keeping intact. It is this latter case that would benefit from some way of re-attaching detached chunks of bearing boxes, etc. without heating the base metal.

Will the old super glue and baking soda trick bond cast iron fairly well and remain oil-tight over time? Or is there a better option?
Ive glued plenty of steel components with cheap superglue,and nothing has come apart.........In fact one was a mockup ,and as it wouldnt come apart ,its still there,like 10 years later.
I recall I once had a machine with a big corner knocked off a cast iron gearbox by careless removal........Pulling it to bits was too hard,so I just rebuilt the profile with a car rust repair fibreglass kit ........the repair was obvious ,as I didnt get the curved profile right,but it held for the years the machine was in use....it was a 6ft dia blade Noble & Lund beam saw.