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Going from Fusion 360 cam to NX cam, where are simple workflow tutorials?


Nov 9, 2022
I am a machinist in a one man prototype machine shop. I mostly do one off prototypes, custom fixtures, and part modifications.
I have been using fusion 360 for over 7 years. I have the fusion cam set up with templates and tool libraries to make programming new parts fast.
Our company mainly uses NX and I would like to switch over to NX cam. I understand NX has built in tutorials and I have looked through some of them. However I wish there was a simple work flow to understand how to streamline programing new parts and create templates. I have been unable to find any good tutorials online. Am I missing something? Is there a basic workflow. A to b to c to d. That I am not grasping. Also my company does not want to pay for training time and expects me to just learn on the job as I go. But I feel this will bring my one man machineshop to a hault.
who does your company buy NX through? you should be able to reach out to your VAR and get their apps guys to help you set up your templates. they are EXTREMELY powerful, but do take some time to set up. you shouldnt have to pay your VAR to help you set up templates, included in the maintenance.

the workflow is really no different, set up your geometry, WCS, part and stock shape, then start creating toolpaths.