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Good "Will Ship" Starter/Alternator Shop You'd Recommend

Richard Rogers

Nov 27, 2001
Bentley, Louisiana
Good morning. Owner of local alternator/starter shop passed away. We've taken heavy equipment and automotive starters/alternators to this place for decades. Never much problem or hassle.

Son and daughter-in-law have it now. Their "new" approach to business leaves much to be desired. I was told I'm the "only one who wants" my alternator rebuilt a certain way and "we only do it like this now", etc. You get the point. They were even rude to my 77-year-old father who brought in the last (our very last) alternator, as he took it our decades-old, promptly-paid account was still active. The girl told him "We now only provide accounts for big companies and with the city." Treat me like a stranger, and I will definitely become one.

I'm not close to any other shop, but I keep spares and can get back going with the spare while getting old core rebuilt. I'm willing to ship to a place who has competitive pricing and good service. Can anyone on here recommend a good shop they have a remote "will ship" relationship with? In the long run, this will probably be better for me, as shipping saves me nuisance trips to town.

That is really sad.
Now I am sure you are not their profit center, but neither are a lot of my small customers who have been my customers for decades and who evangelize my product wherever they go.
Heavy equipment is the last bastion of profit for local rebuilders it is too bad they do not understand what is going on.
Only place I can think of is in Hastings Ne....Hatten Electric......130 S Hastings Ave, Hastings, NE 68901....+14024634596.....

They do very good work......
"We now only provide accounts for big companies and with the city."

Word-of-mouth advertising works both ways. Possibly you know some of those 'big companies' or folks who work for the city.
Even worse are radiator shops. They've dried up big-time.

And yes...more and more businesses seem to be very picky about who they sell to and how. You hear a lot of bullshit about supporting local businesses....a few weeks ago I needed some (8) 5" O-rings. I drove to the local O-ring place......turns out they were no longer there but had moved to a fancy new (rented) building. So I drove there and they now have a big sign on the will call door that says they have a $50 minimum AND a $50 charge if they need to measure an O-ring for size.

I told the dick there that measuring the old o-ring, aside from taking 15 seconds, is an act that serves to protect them from hassle as much as me....it prevents them from selling me an incorrect o-ring and me having to return it, etc. Hardly a $50 operation in time or value.

They told me 'those are the new policies 'THEY' gave us..'

So I told him to get lost, and on the way home I called 'THEY' in the front office and told them they sucked and that I would be taking my business ONLINE. When I got home, I ordered them ($24 including shipping).
"I don't know if its a generational thing, or just what is taught in school, but more and more it seems like businesses tell you what you are going to get vs giving you what you want."

Reminds me of the old saying "Nothing's too good for our customers, so that's what they get"
Still a few good shops out there. Kind of late to the table but I've heard nothing but good things about MidWest. No connection to them.

Midwest Auto Electric
709 East Washington Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802