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Goodway Lathe Steady Rest


May 12, 2023
I'm in need of a steady rest for a Goodway 1640 lathe. If anyone knows of where I can locate one that would be great. I just need a rest that will work on this lathe doesn't need to be a goodway made rest. Thanks.


Cast Iron
Jul 2, 2008
Metro Detroit, MI
Make any reasonable sized steady fit your lathe. Attached images are of my Summit 14 with a generic steady from a lighter duty 14 inch swing lathe. I used aluminum for the bridge - I rarely use a steady, I'm older than I used to be and everything seems to be getting heavier by the year (and the aluminum was in my drop pile). On my previous Clausing 5914 I found a steady for a slightly larger lathe and milled the base of the steady down a bit to fit the Clausing ways (and the center hole in the steady ended up offset by maybe 3/16 of an inch).
Steady mod for Summit.jpgSteady mod for Summit-2.jpg