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Got my first 3D SLA printer, any tips?


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Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
I just picked up a secondhand Elegoo Mars 3 and Mercury Plus wash/cure starion from my local Craigslist. Neither were even used. Still have all the plastic films stuck on the important surfaces. The guy was one of those "they/them" people according to his email sig line. Shook hands like a dead fish...*shudder.*

Ordered some Siraya resins to try out. I got some "Build" and some "Tenacious." This is my first foray into 3D printing, looks like it could be pretty interesting.

Anybody got any other go-to resins or mixes they like and would recommend? I've read that the Phrozen Nylon Green is good, but seems to be unobtainium.

The Siraya Sculpt is their high temp resin, I've used that for making molds for composites using high temperature cure epoxies.
Anycubic Eco with a splash of that Tenacious stuff is good for general purpose.
I'd also recommend installing one of those stick on tablet protector sheets that extends past the tape seal on the screen. I had a tiny piece of resin break off in a print, went to run again right away and it got sandwiched b/w the build plate and screen and put a tiny hole in the FEP. Checked on it a few hours later and resin had gotten under the screen and I had to replace the polarizing screen...
Resin selection will depend on what you want to make. I have been using Henkel Engineering resins for anything dynamic. Static form checks can be done with any old resin. Siraya "Fast", and "Build" resins are predictable performers as well as Phrozen "Rapid Black". The Phrozen Nylon Green resin is only used as an additive in my shop.
You've got to be carful though, these printers tend to multiply ;)
Well, first trial print went aces. This thing does a pretty amazing job, I'm impressed. Out of curiosity I tried meshing the crenellations like face gears. Damned if they didn't mesh perfectly. No backlash; can't even feel a step between the diameters. Matches that way in every direction too. Wow.



Tips....hmmm avoid the clap :D

Very nice! I've always been a fan of sla over the weed wacker line machines.

Thanks, very useful wiseguy... :D

And yeah, I didn't want an FDM. Much prefer the detail of the latest SLAs. This one uses a 4K screen but it's pretty small, so the detail is excellent. Got lucky finding these at a very good price. Been watching for quite a while now.