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Grease Recommended for Startrite H175W Horizontal Bandsaw


Mar 4, 2006
I have had an older (1980) Startrite H175W bandsaw in the shop for over 20 years. Recently I started seeing spots of oil on the floor under the gearbox. Yesterday I removed the band wheel and noticed grease oozing past the seal. Eventually the oil will separate from the grease, run down the gear box and drip on the floor.

In all about a tablespoon of grease was on the outside of the box between the seal and the band wheel. About half a teaspoon or less of oil had separated and dripped onto the floor. The seal and o ring are relatively easy to replace, but I have no idea of what type or amount of grease should be added. In addition, there is no port to add grease. The manual says, "The main drive gearbox is grease sealed for life and should not require further maintenance".

Does anyone know what type of grease should be used for this application, and if there's a recommended way to replace it?