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Haas 2022 VF-6/50 Spindle Encoder Issues


Jun 15, 2023
Grand Haven, MI
I have a Haas VF-6/50 built and delivered in spring, 2022. I have been with my present company since January of this year (2023).

In April, we had a Spindle Serial Encoder Fault (4.9715). It was determined that the encoder ring had rubbed on and damaged the reader (this machine has a non-contact encoder). A new cable and encoder/reader were installed. Within a few weeks we had this alarm again. It was determined that the encoder made contact with the reader again. A new encoder was installed. Within 1 week it happened again. This time a new tech installed a new encoder/reader, along with a bracket to strengthen the reader (Haas had a service bulletin out on this). Within a week or two we had the alarm again.

Our current status: The gap between the encoder ring and reader head is still in spec - so nothing has moved - however, there is a mark on the encoder ring indicating it's made contact with the reader head. After a series of tests on our spindle, the Haas techs recommend we replace the spindle ($15k for new spindle, 5K labor).

When I first contacted our service company regarding this issue, we were 4 days out of the 1-year warranty. There is history of a significant crash last spring. Haas points to that as the root cause of our current issues.

For what it's worth, I can still run this mill. I have 30+ hrs on surfacing over the past couple of days with good results. I only get the alarm with certain toolpaths and conditions. I've run Haas mills for 10 years and have seen/caused a few crashes. I've never had the encoder issues we have with this practically new Haas VF-6/50.

Has anyone run into similar issues?