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HAAS 6" CNC Vise


Cast Iron
Jun 9, 2017
So we need to order 2 new vices for one of our machines. We have D688 Kurts and DX6 ones, honestly i liked the D688 Kurts over the new DX6 ones. Haas offers Kurt, however i noticed today that thier 6" CNC vise (Non Kurt, Ground 4 Sides) is on sale for $407 from $699. For the price i am considering giving them a try. Does anyone have hands on experience with this vise? Part number 05-0001. Thanks in advance.
I just ran across these vises and am interested due to the good pricing. Does anyone have experience with these Haas branded vises?

$407 Shipped
Made in Taiwan
8" opening
16.7 body length
Ground Sides
Traditional push screw design

Kurt DX6:
$665 Shipped
USA Made
9" Opening
16.8 body length
Flanged mount
New pull screw design


I've been thinking about a pair of DX6, but the HAAS look decent. I do prototypes and hobby work on a Tormach 1100, so the HAAS will likely work as long as they are not complete garbage. The HAAS also has a slightly narrower (1/8") fixed jaw, which is a Y axis clearance issue on my mill.
I bought one of these, and am happy with it. be aware that the hardware and tapped holes are metric. this surprised me. I was instructed to buy another one, but do not see it on the haas website. I have put in a request to their customer service
I did end up buying a pair of these and they have been good enough for what I do, which is relatively limited prototyping.

Haas does continue to be a good source for randomly well discounted tooling. I actually just got a catalog with a $100 coupon in it.