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Haas sleep mode (m95)

T Bigelow

Mar 29, 2011
Long Island, NY, USA

I am curious if anyone has used sleep mode successfully for the purposes of having the machine wake up/warm up in the morning.

Currently most of my attempts to put the machine to sleep for 13 hours then wake and complete a warm up cycle have been unsuccessful. Neither of my machines have reliably completed the program, out of 8-10 tests 2 have completed without an alarm.

The first few tests I had z and y axis @ home and x axis @ -20. with no tool in the spindle, the result was an alarm 110 "z servo overload". After talking with my dealer ( who spoke to Haas) they told me to try changing settings 1, 100, and 216 to zero. The result was the same 110 alarm after 5-15 min of sleep mode.
The next step they said to try was bringing z axis off the home position, I repeated the same program and circumstances except now with z axis @ -2. One machine (2010 vf3ss-apc) completed the program with no alarms. The second machine (2011 vf3ss-apc) alarmed out with a 163 "z axis drive fault' and a 994 "amplifier overload"

Any chance someone can shed some light on what maybe wrong here or what to try next?

Edit: I have attached a copy of the warmup program in which I am trying to use sleep mode.

T. Bigelow


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Hot Rolled
Jan 9, 2009
I've used it a couple of times just to make sure I knew how to and it worked fine. I didn't like it too much given the way you have to count the hours for it to come back on vs just giving it a time to come on.

Ideally I would be able to run an app on my smartphone and have it warm up when I want it too...:D:smoking: