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Haas TM2 Mentoring Needed


Nov 5, 2014
Tampa area
Ever machine has all the options there, some or most are not turned on. It all depends on what the machine was ordered with. You can get in the parameters and turn on everything if you want. You have to be in DEBUG mode. That is a dirty word for HAAS. I can walk you thru it.

I am a little familiar with debug mode. I am pretty sure you can't turn on options there. Or maybe you can for the sole purpose of debugging an error/problem, but not to backdoor all the options without paying for them.

Are you really sure you can turn on everything if you want? :) If so, you would be everyone's new BFF. Until the stuff hits the oscillating blades, anyway.....

Ya. Pretty sure if that was possible no one would ever pay for an option again. ;) I think he is confused, or maybe options were bought and paid for previously and somehow turned off and he thinks he is "sticking it to the man" :D

OP. I strongly recommend you not try and use debug mode!