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Haas vf0 no boot no memory?


Apr 28, 2023
Anyone had this issue where the machine won’t boot just shows numbers on crt that change every power cycle and a beeping, seems if I enter the monitor screen ( holding program/conversation on power up) it brings up the info but no flash or bbu ram
Seems to allow m code, but does nothing, have power on all boards all 8 lights on PGM is flashing hard to tell if HAULT is on or dim (looks on).
Any suggestions would be great.
Pulled the board, couldn’t see anything wrong may have to get a closer look, tried reseating all socketed chips on it made no difference.
It seems strange how it can’t find either bbu ram or flash, thinking it could be eprom failure possibly but it does allow commands in the monitor screen, is there any commands I can try to bring up more data?