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Haas VQC for windows? Or simulation program?


Sep 30, 2022
Hi all!

A little bit of background. My main role is a mechanical fitter. I can also do manual machining. Ive been tasked with running a Haas VF3 YT as the person has left. Im happy with my setting and I'm happy with operating the machine.

Due to me working on the Haas i have asked management if i could go onto a programming course so i can start to learn this side of the job. We also have a programmer in the company helping me.
He has given me a few tasks and i am using the Haas booklet to learn the G and M codes. He told me the Haas VQC was handy in learning how to structure programs and how they should be wrote.

It would be so handy if there was a program that i could run on windows that done the same as the Haas VQC. Does anyone know of any programs that do this? Maybe even a program that will simulate my code?

Any help would be amazing!