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Hammer woodworking equipment

david n

Apr 13, 2007
Pillager, MN
So what's the deal-lee-o with Hammer equipment? I've seen a few planers and jointers here and there come up for sale. Austrian? Is it decent stuff?
It's the low end brand from Felder (who also have Format4 as their high end brand). Don't own any personally, but have looked at it when buying a tablesaw, jointer, and bandsaw. Always seemed pretty nice but its very expensive new. I wouldn't hesitate to get one used if its the right size for what you're looking for. Seems like most of the stuff is a bit smaller (as the bigger stuff is branded Felder) than what I'd really want.

For the tablesaw, I decided I didn't want a slider, so I got a sawstop. For the $4k for a jointer just seemed like too much, plus it had a pretty short table and I don't like the Eurostyle guard. For the bandsaw I ended up getting an old Northfield bandsaw instead, which is wonderful.
I have two felder sliders, they are very good machines. I used a big old Martin for a year and it got me hooked, but Martin is the priciest. I can’t imagine the Hammer line is deliberately lesser quality, probably simpler functions. I’d say more than decent stuff.