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Hammond Glider Trim o Saw


Dec 4, 2023
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Following posts remain with links, discussion and better info on the saws.
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We've got one of these and they're a really handy saw if you need to cut small accurate pieces. Potential buyers would likely want to know if the scales measure in inch's or picas (as many were used in type-setting shops), and if it uses the proprietary saw blades with three mounting screws, or if it works with standard saw blades.
Designed to trim lead printing type I guess.
Bill D.
Used for trimming lead so I assume he lives in the lost city of Atlantis, deep underwater where folks need lead ballast to stay down. seen Jimmy Hofa?
Bill D
As many regulars here doubtless know, these saws were originally designed to trim lead type for news print formatting. As M.B. Naegle points out, they were equipped with a small proprietary saw blade with small cutters protruding near the hub to trim the type after it was cut.

Perhaps most unique about these saws is the sliding table to the left of the blade. Mounted on ball bearings, it is very rigidly mounted on ball bearings and slides like butter. With modest work, the full sized TrimOSaws (there were several models) can be modified to accept a standard 10" blade. Overall, they are very robustly and accurately built and mine can easily handle ripping 3" hardwood. Several accessories were supplied with the saw and make very handy additions for the type of work I do.

I first learned of these saws and how to modify them from an article in Fine Woodworking magazine in the early 80s. I have since owned and modified three of them, one is my daily user, the others for friends. In about 1985, I corresponded with Hammond and they kindly sent me original product brochures and parts breakdowns; nicely printed on glossy three color paper typical of the 1950s-60s. I'll be happy to scan and send them if desired.
Jim S