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Hand/power scraping tools for dovetail


Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
Looking for suggestions for tools for scraping a dovetail slide..
I currently have both a 3/4" and 1" Sandvik carbide scrapers.
Have used them on a fair bit of flat work, never done the inside surfaces of a 60* dovetail.
They seem a bit thick to get easily into the corner, looking for any suggestions.
Cheers Ross
You will need silver soldered blades (either Biax or self made), it depends on the size of the ways but probably 10mm wide, maybe as thin as 6mm. The blades are usually sharpened on just one side and rounded over on the other to make them thinner. You also need to make sure there is a relief slot cut between the two faces of the dovetail as without that you can't get into the corner with any push scraper. (maybe with a pull scraper but I have yet to see it done).
Today in my current class we started to scrape dovetails of a lathe compound. Here is the blade tip of a Biax 20-150 blade that I ground the side corners of the blade. You could grind the Sanvik blades the same way. The rake is neg. 5 degrees for iron. 60 dadius. When I scrape dovetails I run white electrical or white duck tape above the dovetails to see the dovetails way better (like looking down the barrel of a shotgun)


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