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Hardinge Bridgeport EZ Vision E Stop Activated and will not reset.


Jan 8, 2013
On my 2006 Hardinge Bridgeport with EZ Vision the E Stop activated and will not reset. This happened between tool changes while I was doing a 34 parts project and happened when I had 3 parts left.
Here is what I have done so far.
1) Rebooted machine - E Stop Activated screen comes up and will not let me go any further. Can not jog so I can not home the machine.
2) Tested the E Stop switch and it appears to be working as it should. Two sides to the switch, one side is normally open and the other side is normally closed.
3) Replaced the E Stop switch with a used OE switch from another EZ Vision panel I had purchase. Rebooted and get same E Stop activated screen.
4) Remove the E Stop switch and by passed it by connecting the wires on the the NC side and leaving the wires on the NO side unconnected. Get the same E Stop activated screen when I reboot it.
I am not sure where to go next. Any help or ideas out there?


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I've been out of the "Loop" a long time but kinda looks like "Bridgeport" badged Taiwanese mills brought to the USA might have been cancelled ?

I just went poking around the Hardinge web site and vertical mills of any description don't appear to be in evidence... but a new honing machine (horizontal and vertical ?) .
Other than Weisser multi tasking thingy-i-me-bobs ???
Didn't get the memo on that.
Not like we didn't try to reshore but seems one can get a $1M from the nuclear (something something) administration / authorities to not build and sell high precision mills.

Anyway off topic and will just bail.
Weird f*cking sidenote / late discovery.


* Speaking of which not many people seem to recognize or acknowledge the existence of Eliane Chao [Puzzling to me - seems not much in the world of international trade especially through Taiwan would seem to have her mark / hand on it to some degree ? For the past 25 years or so ... Sometimes I feel like we have been talking to the wrong people.].

** Disclaimer the "Internet " or a website is not "Reality".
Today I did a little more testing on the E Stop switch from inside the pendent panel. With the pin cable plugged into the back of the pendant the E stop switch normally open side shows continuity with the switch not being pressed. That seems strange it should be open with no continuity. When I unplug the pin connector from the panel the switch works as it should. Open on the blue side and closed on the red side and when the E Stop switch is pressed it reverses, which makes sense. So I am thinking there must be a short from the pin cable back to the cabinet somewhere. Or could a bad limit switch do the same? I don't have a wiring diagram which would be helpful. The Z limit switch is in the closed position with Z in the upper position. I am not sure if the Z switch should be closed or open when in the upper Z position. The next thing I can do is move the Z limit switch so it is not depressed and see if makes a difference.


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Gustafson, I have been searching but have not found one yet. I have the oe manuals that show the components for the cnc system but not the wiring.
Gustafson, I have been searching but have not found one yet. I have the oe manuals that show the components for the cnc system but not the wiring.
I have found a wiring diagram. Since replacing one relay I now have two different messages. The first message I get when I turn the machine on and try to jog is, "Couldn't power on Axis X, press enter to continue". I press enter and still cannot job any axis. The I press the Rest key and get this message - "Could not establish the communication between Servo Works control hardware and the Motion Engine". The Soft Servo System Interface is DC-150. I have checked connections and everything is pristine clean and connected. Anyone run into these messages on their EZ Vision control?


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Good news to report on my Hardinge EZ Vision mill. All issues have been resolved with the simple unplugging and replugging in the I/O plug at the DC150 interface control box. Everything works as it should now. Must have been a poor connection which was giving the error messages. I guess that makes sense too. Can't believe it was something that simple. I was about to have the DC 150 sent to Radwell for trouble shooting.