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Hardinge CHNC II/Fanuc 10TF Control - E-Stop Reset Issue & 'SV008' - X Excess Error (Stop) Alarm


Jan 17, 2024
Hello all.

I purchased a Hardinge CHNC II from a local auction about a year ago, got it set and wired up and it powered up and ran fine aside from the E-Stop Reset button not working.

Upon first starting the machine, I am having trouble getting the E-Stop Reset switch to function. It lights up and blinks. After a combination of resetting the 2 E-Stop buttons, pushing buttons and moving around on the screen, and pushing the E-Stop reset button a bunch of times, it will finally function.

I have pulled the E-Stop button switches from the panels and cleaned and checked them and they are working fine. I also checked the contacts from the E-stop reset button to the circuit board and they seem fine.

I also checked the door open switch, the air valve circuit and the lube circuit. All fine.

Anybody else experience this issue?

This machine has sat for about a year without being touched since my first time powering up the machine.

This past weekend I fired it up, and I keep getting this alarm message: 'SV008' - X Excess Error (Stop) Alarm

When I reset the alarm, the X-axis will 'jump' a touch (as viewed front of the machine with the front X-axis ball screw cover off), and then the machine alarms out, repeatedly.

After some investigating (removing covers, etc...) I noticed when jogging the x-axis, it stutters, and I believe this is what is tripping the alarm, maybe something mechanical?

I have topped all of the oil reservoirs off, removed the bellows on the back of the cross slide, and the ballscrew is shiny and oily from what I can tell.

When moving the x-axis on the forward side with an allen wrench in the end of the ballscrew shaft, I feel some resistance and what feels like 'steps', could be the cog belt.

I am a little gun shy about pulling the servo/belt to see if the isolated ballscrew still hesitates.

I'm not sure what could've changed in the past year this machine has sat.

I have researched this website and other forums and have found myself stumped.

Has anyone had this issue before? Any ideas?

I am more than happy to let a professional look into these issues. Any recommendations for machine tool repair in the Kansas City area?

Thanks in advance.

Travis Deason
it sounds like a belt or encoder issue. I have had similar problem with mine I'm just not remembering what is was .Bob Mann at Hardinge 607-378-4207 is the guy to talk to if you can get him. The rest of the techs are too new to know anything.
Following, I'm having the same alarm on a similar machine.
Hello Casey25.

Following up on this post. I'm not sure what issue you are having but here is how I remedied mine:

-E-Stop Reset was the actual e-stop reset button itself. Found a replacement switch, and that corrected the issue.

-'SV008' - X Excess Error (Stop) Alarm:

I spent a number of hours trying to diagnose this issue. My machine was updated to brushless servos and servo amplifiers. I found that one of the amplifiers was causing this alarm. I swapped the X-Axis and Z-Axis harnesses between amplifiers, and ended up getting the same alarm, but for the Z-Axis. I removed the amplifier, and sent to Berg Controls for inspection and repair. He found and repaired an issue with the amplifier. I actually just got it back and installed early this morning, and I am no longer getting the alarm.

Hope this helps!

Travis Deason
Pictures of my amplifier that was causing issue.


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