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Hardinge Conquest CS-42 power issues

I have the same machine as you. As soon as you turn on the main breaker, the spindle drive should power up. Do you have 220 V 3-phase power going in to the spindle drive? I think they're labeled R, S, T. You should also have power to the servo drive located about it. I think incoming power goes to the terminals labeled A, 1, 2. The wires are labeled UA, VA, WA if I remember correctly. If you don't have power, or if you're missing a phase, it's fairly easy to trace the big wires back to the main breaker to see what's interrupting them.
I have 3 phase power going to the drive. I checked where the hot lead come from the breaker, to the junction block, and at the board where the power comes in. All check good for power. So the drive is getting power, just not turning on. I also replaced all the fuses and none are blown.
Hardinge and fanuc support are saying the drive needs replacement. I'll be pulling it out and attempting to repair it myself. I can't afford to replace this unit so it's time for a crash course in servo drives. Hopefully when it's on the bench the problem will be more apparent.
Well, if that is in your wheelhouse, you will make it in the world of CNC!

Unfortunately that is beyond my ability.


Think Snow Eh!
I've been CNC machining for a little over a decade now (not long in comparison to some), but I have zero experience with the electronics involved in CNC machines. I've replaced ball screws, bearings and solenoids, but this is new to me.

However, I spent everything I had just getting this far, and I'm determined to get this machine going. I've got jobs waiting and kids to feed. I'll be damned if I'm defeated before even making a part.
What is the Fanuc spindle drive part number? I may have some information on the drive you have.

The 100x alarms are Hardinge generated via their ladder program. The 4xx alarms are Fanuc generated servo alarms, but because Hardinge historically did some really odd wiring and ladder logic, I suspect they are a result of an issue with the spindle drive problem.
If this machine was in running condition when you bought it, do you have any recourse with the seller to get this fixed?

It's weird for the spindle drive to go bad in transport.

That's not a cheap spindle drive to repair. The place I use charges approximately $3500 for the repair. For comparison, a repair of a spindle drive on a machine that's 15 years newer is only $2300. This is one of those instances where cheaper, older machines can be more expensive.

I know you talked to Hardinge and Fanuc, but it might be a good idea to call Tennessee Industrial Electronics and talk to their tech support people. They specialize in Fanuc repairs. Tell them what's going on, and they can give you some things to check.
$3500?! Yikes. I might be screwed. I have been in contact with the previous owner but I mostly just get "wow that's wierd, never seen those alarms before." Not very helpful. And unfortunately the machine was purchased as-is. Which at the time, when I saw it running parts, I was fine with.

I will absolutely give Tennessee industrial electronics a call. Definitely couldn't hurt.

I found a couple drives through reputable sellers on ebay. That's going to be my last resort.

I am in the process of pulling the drive from the machine. I don't know what I can do as far as testing the unit but I'm just looking for anything blatantly obvious.
Well, you're gunna want to put it back in before you call Tim @ TIE.

When you move CNC equipment, sometimes you lose components.
It's just a part of life.
Would be nice if the first one went a bit smoother tho.


Think Snow Eh!
It is unfortunate. It is what it is though. I'm learning a ton about this machine from working on it. It's frustrating and a bit disappointing but I haven't lost hope yet. It's definitely been a humbling experience so far.

It's going to be a real treat when that first chip falls.
Drive p/n is A06B-6059-H206

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

On that drive there should be a display near a 4 button keypad. When you try to power up the machine, is there an alarm code on that display? If the display is blank, is the LED labeled PIL just to the right of the display lit? If so, then the board is damaged. If it is off then you need to pull the board and check the fuses in the chassis behind it. There should be 3 fuses of 5A rating just to the right of the MCC contactor in lower left corner if the chassis.
The display is blank. No lights comes on. Nothing at all. The three glass fuses under the top board were good. I replaced them any way for good measure.
Well, I finally decided to contact Hardinge. I should have done that to start with. They sent me all three manuals and all wiring diagrams for the machine. Still working on a solution but the Hardinge service team has been outstanding. Especially for supporting a 34 year old machine. I will post again when we have fixed the problem.

On another note, if anyone is in need of the operators manual, maintenance manual or programming manual for a Hardinge Conquest 42 with Fanuc 0T-B, I have those in PDF format and will gladly send them to anyone in need.

Thanks for the support from all that contributed here. This is my first machine purchase and I really hope I can get it running soon. Will report back when the issue is resolved.

Hello, I am interested in PDF files, I would appreciate it