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HARDINGE HLV-H 220V 1Ph (VFD), DRO, Very Good Condition


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Apr 11, 2005
Walnut Creek, CA
Hardinge HLV-H Lathe 220V 3Ph (VFD powered accepts 208-230V 1Ph power input)


I am a long-time PM member reluctantly offering my very well cared for Hardinge HLV-H lathe for sale. I have owned this machine since 2017 and have known the previous owner since 2010.

This machine is perfect for small shop/home shop: Expertly modified to run on 208V+ single phase using two VFD’s. The main motor runs off a 3HP TECO VDF and the speed-change motor runs off a very compact 1/4 HP VFD mounted in the electrical cabinet. Speed change functions as normal. F/R and Low/High speed switching are done with switches on the side of the electrical cabinet.

Lathe is in very good condition with only moderate wear commensurate with age. Used in a light-use small shop environment since at least 2010. Always operated in a climate-controlled environment.

Serial No. just under 5000, build date approximately 1972 build. This is one of the last of the "round door" HLV-H with the smaller base and chip tray (better for small shop). It has the large feed control box. Threading gearbox max 108 TPI.

I purchased this machine from a longtime Practical Machinist forum member who had replaced many parts. Nearly all the bearings in the lathe are new, as well as the belts. Motor bearings are original as they were OK. The lathe runs very quiet.

DRO: Includes an Anilam Wizard Lathe DRO display. Its an older display but bright blue-green vacuum fluorescent display. The scales Acu-Rite scales are very accurate 1µm glass scales.

This machine has an excellent repaint job done with Sherwin-Williams POLANE Machine Tool Finish Primer-Sealer and POLANE catalyzed Polyurethane Enamel. NO overspray. This paint is very hard (like automotive paint) and oil/dirt stains come right off. Any stains seen in the photos will wipe right off with a rag dipped in mineral spirits or other cleaner.

Carriage travel is lighter in the center and gets heavier towards the headstock or tailstock which is typical. The carriage never binds. The infeed and crossfeed handles have some backlash but nothing excessive. With the DRO I don’t even notice it. I have no problem making parts to 0.0005” tolerances.

Everything I made on this machine was for optical equipment applications where my tolerance was ±0.01mm [0.0004 in]. Never had any problem consistently hitting that tolerance.

Everything on the machine works, with the following small exceptions:

Adjustment of the infeed analog scale dial does not work. I never use it with the DRO. Probably a stuck plunger.

The latch that closes the collet cabinet door does not latch. Some small part in that mechanism is broken. Easy fix but I was too busy finishing up jobs to get to it.

That’s it.

I have the coolant pump, but this has not been rebuilt and I don’t use it. I will include it but it likely needs to be rebuilt.

I do not have the manual brake. If you need braking this can be set up electronically with the VFD.

At the moment I am not offering tooling with the machine, but I would be willing to discuss this with the purchaser.

The machine is located at Clover Machinery Movers and Storage in Mishawaka, IN. They can facilitate loading on a truck for the purchaser.

PRICE $9950.- Or Best Offer

Please FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS as I am more likely to consider a price reduction for a deal made before the end of December 2021. I will politely decline if I believe an offer is too low.

Payment method: Cash, bank wire transfer. Other payment methods by arrangement with buyer, but no credit cards or PayPal (other than for a deposit).

I’ve seen similar vintage HLV-H’s in much worse cosmetic condition at machine dealers from $11,000 over $13,000.-

With rampant inflation in the economy and the possibility of conflict cutting off the supply of Taiwanese machines, Hardinge HLV-H are CERTAIN to be rising in value in the coming years.


You can reach me at cinematechnic [at] mac (dot) com
7 8 6 5 8 6 1 2 1 0


I do have some tooling and I will consider offering the buyer of this lathe first choice on any tooling I have.

Thank you!
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Dimensions (in):
Swing over Bed: 11
Between Centers: 18
O.A. Length: 68
O.A. Width: 30
O.A. Height: 58

Weight: 1700 lbs

Tailstock: MT2

Gearbox: 11 to 108 TPI, 27 threads total
Other threads with external change gears (optional)
Metric threads with transposing gear set (optional)
Spindle nose Hardinge taper or threaded ?

Hello Don! It has the 4º Taper spindle nose. Thought I had listed that in the description, must have missed it.

Some extra photos:

HLV-H Bed Z Scale Logo.jpg
The DRO Z-axis scale is mounted on a beam using the rear T-slot using T-nuts. No holes drilled in the bed on the back side. I custom modified the bracket to hold the reader. Alignment is within 0.001".

There are two holes drilled/tapped on the front of the bed from the previous owner's Newall scale. These could be used if the purchaser wants to relocate the Z-axis scale in order to use the taper attachment.

X-Axis scale is mounted via two carefully drilled and tapped #6-32 holes in the X-axis slide as per Acu-Rite's instructions for the HLV-H. I used the existing reader head bracket using the existing holes on the top of the Apron.

Anilam DRO Rear Logo.jpg
Anilam Wizard Lathe DRO Display details. The newer scales attach to the older display via adapter cables. Purchaser can upgrade to a newer display while keeping the existing scales.

VFD 1 Logo.jpg
Details of VFD 1 (runs the spindle motor. A small 1/4 HP VFD runs the speed change motor. It is located inside the electrical cabinet. I'll add photos later.

HLV-H Welco Motor Lgo.jpg
Spindle motor: 1.0/0.5 HP 1740/550 RPM, 208-220V, 215 Frame. Data plate does not spec but it is balanced to 0.0005 oz (hence the greatly oversized frame for a 1 HP motor).
what's the story on the stablemate next to it--the Schaublin?

I briefly had the luxury of owning and operating both while in Burbank. I'd had the Schaublin 102N since 2004. It's only drawbacks are lack of built-in threading capability and the cost and trouble in sourcing W25 tooling. The starwheel tailstock was great and I wish Hardinge had an equivalent accessory.

Regrettably the degenerating Cine equipment industry did not support my business to the point where I could keep two lathes. The 102N was purchased by an Australian company in 2018.

I'll be in the South Bend area on December 30 in case anyone wants to take a look at the HLV-H.
Wish you were closer to the east coast. This is exactly what I'm looking for but can't justify the trip/shipping.
Wish you were closer to the east coast. This is exactly what I'm looking for but can't justify the trip/shipping.

My lathe is stored at Clover Machinery Movers and Storage in Mishawaka, IN. I'm sure they will have options for transporting machines (they move MUCH bigger and heavier stuff than an HLV-H). I'll inquire to get an idea of what they can offer.
Is film in the movies about done?

Do you mean using motion picture film for principal photography? Film's fate has proceeded much as I predicted in 2005: It remains an option for high-end production, and is also used by some lower level productions for aesthetic reasons. A niche market.

If I had to guess films total share is probably around 1%, but the total market has grown substantially since everyone that has a smartphone has a 4k camera now. I think if we compared film market share now with the pre 2005 market, the share would be around 2-3%. It can stay there indefinitely as long as there are at least two functioning film labs for processing, one in L.A. and one on the East Coast.

The low point for film and analog cameras was 2011-2013. Cameras sold for give-away prices. In early 2015 there was an agreement reached between Eastman Kodak and six major studios to continue to make enough film available so they would have the option to have some of their productions shoot film. This agreement was extended in 2020.

I noticed a significant increase in interest of having analog motion picture film cameras serviced in 2015. Since then the value of the remaining functional analog cameras has increased. For the newest models (ones made by ARRI or Moviecam right before discontinuation) the values have gone up radically, as much as 10x what they sold for at the low. I sold more film-related equipment in 2021 than in the 3 prior years combined.

Regrettably this modest increase in business is not enough to keep up with inflation. All my costs have gone up much faster than customer interest. The former head of camera service at the largest motion picture camera rental house in L.A. started his own business servicing cameras once that rental house closed.

This man was working at ARRI when I was still in high school. The analog film industry is small enough that everyone can go to the same guy.

I am in the process of switching careers and putting what I learned about optics and imaging to work in the advanced manufacturing industry. I'm going to keep some tools and do some work at home, but it will have to be greatly downsized. I'll need to go back to high-end hobby or at best Swiss instrument maker sized machines.

For this reason I am regrettably offering my Hardinge HLV-H for sale.
Tooling I can include with purchase of the my lathe:

I have an original Hardinge 30 AHC 5" 3-Jaw English-made chuck with integrated 4º taper backplate and inside & outside jaws. Good used condition.

Original Hardinge Steady Rest Model L11
Very good condition, black "speckle finish" paint, 3" max capacity.

I'm willing to consider selling some inch fractional 5C collets, but I do not have a full set. Most are Hardinge brand, and all are used.

I am not selling any tooling separately, only in conjunction with the sale of the lathe.

HLV-H Angle from Gearbox.jpg

NOTE: I am not including the chucks and toolpost shown in the above photo in the sale. Those items have already been sold.
Asking price reduced to $8750.-


Hardinge HLV-H Lathe, 4º spindle nose
VFD drive (208V 1Ph input you DO NOT NEED 3 PHASE POWER)

Anilam DRO display and Acu-Rite Scales

Hardinge 30 AHC 5" 3-Jaw Chuck with inside & outside jaws ($400.- value)

Original Hardinge Steady Rest Model L11 in excellent condition ($900.- value)

Coolant pump (not rebuilt, likely needs service)

I have a few interested parties that will be looking at my lathe this coming week. If you've been lurking, now is the time to get in touch!